Bango Dashboard for Operators v2.0

The Bango Development Team has just completed work on version 2 of our Bango Dashboard for Operators. This latest version provides you with a more customizable interface, and the ability to drill deeper into your payment analytics data. Here’s a list of the highlights:

Enhanced Date Selection

You can now run your dashboard reports using either pre-set dates (Today, Yesterday, This Month, Last Month); or custom date ranges as shown below:

Date Options

Select Pre-Set or Custom Dates


More information on your top selling content

As well as the overview of your top selling content, you can now hit the ‘View more’ button on the top right of the bar chart to view more of your data:

View More Option

View More Option 


View More Detail

Top Items Drill Down


Custom Chart Scaling

The bar chart has been replaced with an area chart to accommodate our new custom date range functionality, and we’ve also added custom scaling to enable you to set and/or lock the graph scale to your preference:

Area Chart

New Area Chart

Custom Graph Scale

Customize your Graph


Export your reports

We’ve also added an Export to Excel feature, accessible from the toolbar on the top right of your dashboard:

Export To Excel

Export To Excel

User Management Features

Lastly, we have added a new feature to enable you to add new users, or edit your existing users’ profiles. You can access this feature by clicking on your name on the top right of the screen and selecting the options you wish to configure. These options include permissions updates, password resets and deleting users.

Manage User Options

Manage User Options Menu


User Permissions

Add User

Add a new User

User Settings

User Settings

resetPasswordWe hope you enjoy the newest version of the Bango Dashboard for Operators, and find the features useful. As always, we look forward to your feedback and comments!

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WebServices retirement – 2nd June 2014

As previously mentioned, older and obsolete versions of our WebServices APIs are being retired – see

We extended our support for these versions of the APIs through January until June of this year, however as nearly all customers have now successfully migrated to the latest versions, we will be closing down the older services.

We continue to develop innovative features and functionality and make these available through our APIs for you to use, along with a richer data set, enhanced performance and security, there’s no reason to not upgrade to the latest APIs.

Keep an eye on this blog and our support site for notifications of new versions as they are made public.


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We have been approached by customers and content partners to ask whether Bango has been affected by the ‘Heartbleed Bug’. We can confirm that none of our systems have been affected.

We want to ensure you are fully aware of the ‘Heartbleed Bug’. This bug has the potential to affect the Open SSL implementation of the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol. Details of the bug, vulnerabilities and how to reduce exposure can be found at

This vulnerability has been widely addressed since being discovered and announced on the 7 April 2014. The bug has existed since December 2011, so before being addressed the bug created the possibility for a malicious user to exploit a vulnerability in the Open SSL coding to access the system memory in client and server software potentially rendering visible data that might include security data, such as encryption keys, private certificates passwords.

The protocols HTTPS, FTPS and TLS are potentially vulnerable to this bug. The good news is that Bango does not use the Open SSL library in its products and services. We have ensured those vendors providing hardware and software systems, and support to Bango, are also not affected.  All of our systems have been scanned for the vulnerability both internally and externally; none are affected.

However, we highly recommend you review and change your passwords you use to access Bango Services; if you use the same password on any other system which was affected by ‘Heartbleed’ then these credentials could be used to compromise your access to Bango. As a matter of best practice, you should have a unique password per system or service.

There is no requirement for us to change our SSL keys and certificates as a result of this bug. Bango rotate our SSL keys and certificates regularly and as a matter of good security practice, we recommend you do the same.

We also recommend that you test your own systems regularly for security flaws, and you should also be aware that Open SSL use is not limited to webservers. It is also used widely in hardware and software network products, so we recommend that you test for this specific vulnerability in any of your own systems that you use to connect to Bango.

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Web Services – Have you upgraded?

At the end of September, we notified you of changes to our Web Services APIs and the availability of the latest versions for a number of services (see

Because we are fast approaching the holiday season, we have extended our retirement of existing services until the end of January 2014 – however, you should aim to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible – existing services are no longer being actively maintained, so if you encounter a bug or require a new feature not currently supported, you’ll have to upgrade.

If you have any further queries on how to upgrade, or require more information, please refer to the previous blog entry, or contact our friendly support guys by dropping them an email to

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New Analytics Feature – Trend Reporting

If you’ve previously wondered about comparing your data between one date range and another, we have good news! Now you can with the new Bango Analytics Trend Reports.

With our new reports you now have the ability to compare trends in your data. For example, you can compare the average of sessions for every day last month with a day this month; or the weekly unique visitors from every week last month against every week this month.

There is a separate Trend report available for both web and app data. The web report is found on the Web analytics tab in the menu under Visitors > Visitor activity. The app report is on the App analytics tab in the menu under Users and Usage.

To get started first select your date ranges from the date picker.


The report will show you a line graph depicting the data for each of your date range selections. Below is a report comparing Unique Visitors from September plotted against those from October, comparing the data over Week’s Days.


Continue reading

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Introducing Bango’s New Custom Dashboard

The Bango Development team has just completed work on the brand new Management Tools Custom Dashboard. This great new feature will allow you to view your analytics data like never before and is available now! Bango’s new dashboard gives you complete control of your data with fully customizable views and data reports. You still have the choice of viewing your dashboard in the current classic format, however if you’d like to give the new dashboard a try it couldn’t be easier. Simply click on the ‘Switch to the new Dashboard’ link on the upper left of the Management Tools Dashboard screen and you will be re-directed to the new dashboard, which is pre-loaded with a selection of reports to get you started.

Try the new dashboard

When your new Custom Dashboard loads, you will be presented with a selection of reports, ready for you to configure and edit according to your own preference. You can create up to 10 dashboards per package, with up to 10 report widgets on each.

web dashboard

Adding a new dashboard is easy, just click on the blue menu button to show the options menu. Ticking the ‘Shared’ box before selecting the dashboard type shares this dashboard with all users of the current package. From this menu, you can also delete a dashboard, or set any one as your default. Continue reading

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Over the last weeks and months, we’ve been redesigning and updating the site, and it’s nearly ready for launch.

Along with updates to the messaging, providing clarity around the Bango vision of a massively smooth payment experience, and more content about the core services and the Bango platform effect, we’ve also refreshed the entire underlying technology, utilizing latest frameworks and responsive design to give best experience regardless of the device you are using.  Continue reading

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