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Using Javascript with Bango Analytics for Smartphones

We recently had a request from a customer to use Bango Analytics to track events being triggered from javascript in a mobile site. Traditionally javascript has been a bit of a no-no for mobile because of lack of support. However … Continue reading

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Calendar updated, now with automatic DST!

The calendar for the Bango Management Tools reports has been re-worked to improve ease of use and add in some new functionality. The calendar and export options have been moved into a tool-bar at the top of the report; easy … Continue reading

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Device roll-up settings

Bango Analytics provides you with the most accurate information on devices visitors are using to connect to your mobile sites and applications. We successfully identify hundreds of thousands of different mobile devices across all mobile operator networks and connections. From … Continue reading

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Networks and connections – get the complete picture

Bango’s connection details reports give you the most complete picture of how visitors are connecting to your site and which operator networks they are using. Uniquely, you can not only see which networks your visitors are connecting with but also … Continue reading

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Bango Application Analytics now available

We’ve just launched a major extension to the Bango Analytics product; Bango Application Analytics. You can now track and measure user activity across mobile campaigns, websites and applications across all mobile platforms, all from the Bango Management Tools.

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Shorter campaign parameters

The Bango campaign parameters are a great way to pass and record extra information with Bango analytics or payment events. Whenever you have additional, relevant information about your visitors, the campaigns they are interacting with or the pages they are … Continue reading

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Add an extra dimension to your report data

Traditionally tables of analytic data are displayed by a single dimension with several columns of metrics or counts. For example your operators report will list all operators (dimension) that have sent you traffic plus data for numbers of unique visitors, … Continue reading

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