Bango people: Tanya Stittle, Integrations Engineer

With a number of career opportunities in the Bango development and operations teams, we spoke to Tanya Stittle, Integrations Engineer about her career highlights, development and aspirations.

How has Bango supported your career since you joined?
Very well! I am on the apprenticeship scheme which means Bango is fully supporting me on my degree, which is huge. On top of that, I’ve been supplied with loads of training, it feels like they put people first. Moreover, my career is shaping up while I’m studying which is great.


What’s the highlight of your Bango career so far?
It’s hard to pick a highlight because I get to do a bit of everything, spending a lot of time with different people and learning from experienced team members, something I’d say is immensely important. I’ve also finished my first year of university which is amazing.

What advice do you have for future Bango apprentices? 
You have to be willing to do a bit of everything. You’ll have days where you’re on the ground fixing servers or days where you’re fixing issues and pushing things forward. I guess the best advice I could give is to apply yourself and push on. If you see an opportunity in the business, don’t think because you’re an apprentice that you can’t go for it. The doors are open to develop and Bango encourages apprentices to push on and grow as people. Just give it a go and reach for what you want.

How do you see your future at Bango developing?
I still have two years of my apprenticeship scheme to go, so hopefully I’ll pass that! After that, I’m hoping to move into a graduate position and into the development team. I feel I’m nearly there because I’ve joined the integrations team and work on new tools and coding.

Work with online giants including Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Amazon. Bango has lots of exciting career opportunities in development and operations, visit

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