Bango people: Sofia Price, Systems Developer

With an array of exciting career opportunities in the Bango Development team, we spoke to Sophia Price, Systems Developer who tells us why Bango is unlike anywhere she’s worked before.

What does the day in the life of a Systems Developer at Bango entail?
sofia people photoI come in, drink far too much coffee, have the daily Developer team stand-up and crack on with my work. The work I do varies from day-to-day. For example, I could be working on completely new systems or making optimizations to existing systems such as the Bango API. Overall, the work the development team and I do evolves the Bango Platform, making updates and improvements to the current platform or working on future-proofing the platform for emerging and long-term opportunities. We always try out new technologies, making sure what Bango is using is the coolest, most useful and best represents what we need to do moving forwards.

What do you love about being a developer at Bango?
It has to be the people, we’re lucky to have a skilled and lovely team. You just come in and do your work to a high standard. There’s no fears or agitation surrounding ‘clocking in and out’. Bango encourages openness and ensures the team has the capabilities and morale to perform well. Having people who are cool to work with makes it even better.

What inspired you to become a developer?
It was an accident. I originally did a degree in History which I found boring, so I took a Masters in Computer Science and really enjoyed it. Then I ended up getting a job on the back of that Masters which I loved and just rolled with it. It’s not an obvious career path, I didn’t really start developing until quite late on. All the stereotypes I had built up of ‘hacker men’ from the films where they sit and slap away at their keyboards were wrong. In actuality, it’s an art form to ponder and be very particular with what you type. The freedom to create and continually learn is what I love about being a developer.

How does your position at Bango differ from your previous role?
I had a job in Norwich which I didn’t particularly enjoy. It didn’t have the atmosphere I was looking for. I came in for my interview at Bango and saw the fish tank, the Lego wall and the bright colours and I thought, “These people are either fun or a little bit strange.” Turns out it was both, but in the best possible way. Bango is unlike anywhere else I’ve worked, but it was so refreshing to come into this atmosphere. I feel like I’m always doing new things at Bango. The processes and tools are not set in their ways like most other companies, we’re encouraged as developers to tackle things in new and exciting ways. If you have a unique approach in doing something, propose it and your thoughts are always taken on board, if not implemented. It’s very forward thinking in that sense, being open to criticism and positive change.

Work with online giants including Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Amazon. Bango has lots of exciting career opportunities open in development and operations, to find out more visit

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