Bango People: An Afternoon with… Yomi Popoola

With a number of exciting career opportunities in the Bango Development team, I decided to sit down with VP Engineering Yomi Popoola to get the inside scoop on life at Bango. Yomi has worked within the Bango development team for over 6 years, flying up the ranks with aptitude, dedication and expertise since joining as a Systems Developer, now leading the innovation, scope and vision behind the Bango Platform development. He is also a fully certified Scrum Master and qualified in Leadership and Management (ILM). We dug deep, discovering how Yomi feels the technology him and his team builds for the world’s leading brands enables consumers, the importance of creative freedom within a development team, all the way down to everyday life in the Cambridge HQ:

What does a day in the life of Yomi entail at Bango?

“My role has three parts: optimizing the internal processes ensuring products are delivered on time, ensuring the product vision is understood and implemented by the systems architects to scope the future of Bango development, and working as the key point of contact for the development team across all departments. All in all, I need to ensure the development team focuses on creative processes, productivity and creating the best product possible daily; then communicating and sharing these innovations and changes with the wider Bango departments.

Working across departments in Bango is fluid, you can walk up to anyone and have an open communication, people are very approachable and it makes my job a lot easier.”


Yomi speaking at the recent Bango Careers Evening

Do you feel like your work makes a difference?

“A lot of people are affected by what we do, bringing new services to regions such as the Middle East and Asia where content would not normally be available for them. Bango may not be a household name for end-users, but the impact is huge across the globe.”

Your journey at Bango, how have you progressed?

“Bango is my second job after university, joining as a Systems Developer. From day one I felt valued, working with high profile customers and the level of work expected, it was a challenge, but it’s exactly what I wanted, it drove me and I was focussed to achieve. After about a year, I moved into a team leader position, I felt my hard work and effort was recognised, with Bango rewarding me with a show of faith through progression and more responsibility. Bango continued to invest in my progress, as I developed my skills in the role, moving around teams during that time.

Around 2 years later, I was offered the position of VP Engineering to move the development team forward with training and processes. I have been in my role for a couple of years now and I’m continuing to learn and progress daily. I have appreciated the opportunities, whenever I have had the opportunity to push myself, Bango have supported that fully. Over 60% of the management team in Development started as Systems Developers at Bango, so there has always been that avenue.”

How does Bango differ from other tech companies you’ve worked in?

“The biggest difference is the freedom to try new things. As a developer, it’s natural to have a passion to try new technologies and frameworks. In my previous position, it felt like there was a defined process was decided and needed to be followed, even when it was not appropriate. Bango have a general direction for development, but we aren’t scared to try new things and experiment. There’s been countless times where this creativity has led to complete changes in processes and improvements to way the entire business operates. On top of that, the people are always friendly, I haven’t had a day where I’ve not had an open discussion with someone in my team or another department, the culture is a real highlight.”

“Bango have a general direction for development, but we aren’t scared to try new things and experiment. There’s been countless times where this creativity has led to complete changes in processes and improvements to way the entire business operates.”

What is the highlight of your Bango Career so far?

“I’d say the thing I’m most proud of is deploying a distributed system. It’s a very technical answer, but a few years ago it was something I’d heard about, nobody in Bango had delivered this before and it’s something I felt passionately about. My team were tasked with implementing this and I feel the outcome was far beyond even our own expectations.”


To find out more about life at Bango, follow Bango on Twitter (@BangoDotCom) and LinkedIn

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