New Application Analytics SDK Releases

The Bango Development team has been busy adding new versions of some of our Application Analytics SDKs. We’ve recently released new and improved versions of our HTML5,  Android and iOS integrations. These, along with our other SDKs, allow you to integrate easily with Bango App Analytics on a wide range of mobile devices. We have used all the relevant new features available on every platform to provide you with comprehensive and unparalleled device and user information.

As well as enhancement of our existing SDKs, we’ve recently released our first Blackberry BB10 SDK, which is based on the Cascades API and allows you to integrate Bango Analytics easily into your new BB10 apps.

And don’t forget.. new mobile operating system releases mean new Bango Analytics SDKs.. which could be anything from iOS7 to the new Firefox OS.. so watch this space!

Follow this link to download our App Analytics SDKs.

Integrating with Bango Application Analytics

To set up Bango Application Analytics in an app you need to first get an application ID. There is a simple form to complete in the Management Tools; in the Setup and Config section click on ‘Analytics set-up’ in the menu on the left, then click ‘Application analytics’.

All you need to do is give your app a title, this will be used in reporting, and, optionally, choose a category for your app. Once you’ve done this we will provide you with an ID for your app and you can choose an SDK to download.

Please note: the SDKs cannot be integrated into an app without an application ID, you can sign up for a free analytics trial if you want to integrate and test an SDK.

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