Bango Analytics Enhancements

We have enhanced the Bango Analytics report pages to provide you with a more user-friendly and intuitive interface. Here’s a list of the highlights:

  • New streamlined toolbar

The main toolbar has been re-designed to offer a less cluttered and streamlined interface. All filter and export options can now be accessed via the new controls shown below:

Filter Options:

Filter Options

Export/Email Options:


When a report has a filter applied, the filter icon will change colour:


Applied filter details can also be viewed via this drop down control:


  • Enhanced Date and Dimension Selection

We have also added options to select your report dimensions straight from the Date Picker so you can further configure your reports before running them. First click on the date range to open the Date Picker (or configure your package to make this happen on page load):


Then, select all your preferred configuration options such as dimensions, dates and filters:


Click Apply, and your report will run with all options set.

report ran

We hope you find these changes useful, but if you prefer to run your reports, and apply filters and dimensions without using the new Date Picker options, all the current functionality is still available!

Please feel free to leave us your feedback on our new and improved user interface!

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