User Information Web Service v2.0

We’ve recently launched version 2.0 of our User Information Web Service API’s.

This release now includes support for MT authentication; previously Bango had supported authentication by use of MO (text a word to a shortcode), but this release builds on that functionality, and adds a lot more to enable seamless authentication flows, regardless of the device, and even if on a non-mobile network connected device (think PC billing!)

As well as our patented word based authentication, we have now added support for a variety of other ways to authenticate your user; be it via a numeric PIN code, a CODE word, or a natural language word. With this in mind, you can also now pass a language-culture parameter, so that a word of “DOG” returned for en-US would be localized to “HUND” for de-DE.

We’re also building support for network discovery from MNC/MCC and IMSI identifiers where available on the device – at the moment this is a work in progress as we’re still mapping these to our internal Bango Network IDs. This is especially useful for In-App Payments, as it allows an up-front discovery check to be made before launching into authentication and payment flows, straight from the handset.

For more info, please go and read the API documentation in our newly launched KnowledgeBase.

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