October Analytics Release

The Bango Development team is preparing another Bango Analytics release full of new features and improvements. This time we’ve been focusing on performance improvements, so we can deliver your reports to you as fast as possible!

Here’s a list of the highlights:

  • We have made a number of improvements to how the filters operate. We have reduced the amount of traffic generated by the filters and will also now cache filters. Along with other behind-the-scenes changes to filter operation, this should make it quicker to set up and apply filters.
  • We have improved the app analytics reports caching as well, so if your app hasn’t sent new data to our system, a report that has been previously run doesn’t need to be refreshed.
  • We have added the capability to select up to 5 dimensions in all multi-dimension reports.

  • There is now also a new report to show session duration information, providing more insights into how your app is being used.

  • We have enabled the extra options for event level exports in PDF format so you can specify the number of rows in the report.

And as in every release, we’v included fixes for those annoying little bugs you’ve told us about. Thank you all for your feedback, it helps us find and fix them!

The Bango Development team hopes these new features and improvements will be useful to you and, as always, we really appreciate any feedback you can give us to help us deliver better solutions for you!

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