Supporting “Do Not Track” Headers

As Analytics systems and user privacy is high on the agenda in a lot of the media, Bango will soon be supporting browsers which pass a “Do Not Track” header.

There are more details available on Wikipedia, but the summary is that more and more web browsers allow a user to set their preferences when accessing sites which may incorporate analytics tracking technology, such as Bango Analytics

Setting the option in, say, Safari, does require a bit of digging, as it is hidden under the “Develop” menu (which can be turned on in the Preferences), but once enabled, any requests to Bango Analytics will be opted out of tracking if the header is passed.

Setting the Do Not Track option in Safari

At the moment, support is available in a number of desktop browsers, and we expect this to further increase on mobile devices, especially iOS and Android.

So, from an integration point of view, you don’t need to make any changes to your site – perhaps apart from communicating this positive change to your users!

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