August Analytics Release

A new Bango Analytics release full of new features and improvements is now available.

Find the highlights here!

Key new features

  • New session definition.

We have redesigned the definition of the session in Bango App Analytics. Now you can select a session timeout and make your sessions last for the maximum time you select in your user properties and package properties. It’s now similar to how we calculate the visits length in Web Analytics.

If you liked the old version though, don’t worry: if you don’t set this timeout, the old session definition will be applied.

  • Enhanced time period filter.

A new filter by day of week has been added to most of the reports in Bango Management Tools.

Now you can filter all Mondays in your selection, or just exclude specific days to make your data analysis easier. Find it under Visitors & Location in Web Analytics or under Users & Location in App Analytics.

  • Free text campaign filtering.

We have added as well a new feature for all the campaign and custom parameters filters. You can now add your own values to the filters. Just type your text and click the “Add” button.

You will see your custom filter values added to the list. This will help you set campaign filters prior to the data collection.

  • Live View Report.

We have added a new report in Web Analytics. Under Visitors – Visitors activity you can find the Live View. This report will allow you to graphically compare two days of your choice, being able to show unique visitors, visits or page views figures.

In addition, if one of your selected dates is today, the report will automatically update when new data is available.

Other new features

  • Visits filter.

Another new filter: Visits. This will allow you to filter reports by number of visits.

  • Filter reports before running.

Lots of filters improvements in this release! Now you don’t need to run a report to be able to filter it. Just add the filters you need after selecting the date range and you will get your report filtered in just one step.


  • No more flash dependency.

We have removed our last flash component: the world map. Now it’s a powerful javascript-based tool that shows you all your analytics data by country.

  • Additional email reports options.

New options for email reports set up have been added.

Exclude percentage columns or change your CSV report separator to the one that better fits your needs.


Thanks to your useful feedback, we have been able to find and fix some issues. Thank you all for your collaboration!

  • Issues where user exports wrong report.

Under specific circumstances there was a chance of the chart being shown in an excel report not matching the data. This has been fixed.

  • Issues with funnel setup page.

Some issues with search box and performance in the funnel setup page have been solved.

  • Issues with HTML in recorded data.

An issue with CSS styles and HTML code in the campaign or custom parameters values has been fixed.


The Bango Analytics development team hopes you all find these improvements useful. We appreciate any feedback!

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