June Analytics Release

We just wanted to tell you about the new features and changes to be found in our latest Analytics Release.

New reports
We have added three new reports to web analytics to provide more detail of traffic through your site.

  • Recency: This shows the time since your users were last seen on your site. The report uses dynamic date columns – run for one day and view information in hours, run for a month and it switches to day ranges.

  • Extended Loyalty: This extends the ranges of the standard loyalty report.
  • Bots And Spiders: This will provide details on all bot and spider traffic recorded on your website. See details of events generated by computer activity on the internet. Note that this report will ignore your device type filter settings.

The Recency and Extended Loyalty reports can be found under the Visitor Loyalty reports, and the Bots and Spiders report is under Traffic Sources

New dimensions
We have two new dimensions to provide more ways to group your data

  • Device Version Dimension (App and Web): This allows you to break down device information even further and find out what versions of devices users are accessing content with.
  • Bot name dimension (Web only): This allows you to view details of Bot Traffic recorded on your site.

New Filters
We have also implemented more data filters to allow you to focus on the data you are actually interested in.

  • Payment Source: Filter payments by payment source, and find out how each one is performing.

  • Bot filters: See the types and names of known Bots and Spiders that are visiting your site
  • Connection (App only): Filter out certain connections – wifi or operator – from your reports.
  • User Id (App only): View reports based on a single user id.

Bug fixes

  • 15 minute and Week dimension sorting: We’ve fixed an issue with the sorting of reports using the 15-minute and Week dimensions
  • Filters fixed: Some minor filter issues have also been fixed. The derived device filter now orders items in alphabetical order, filters are no longer lost on adding a new dimension and filters are loaded correctly when switching from web to payment reports.

Other enhancements

  • More Timezones Added: We have added more timezones to our timezone offsets, to allow you report in exactly the timezone that is relevant to you. These include 15-minute and 30-minute timezones that were previously excluded.
  • Averages on summaries: We have added averages to some of the summary report totals. So at a glance, you can now see how many visits were recorded per day without having to calculate this yourself.
  • Extra Device Configuration: You are now able to exclude specific device types from your reports at a user or package level. This will allow you to completely filter out device types you do not want within your report data. By default, bots and spiders are excluded from reports.
  • Improved Operator Network Detection: We have updated our network information for wireless carriers, to further improve the information we are detecting about user connections

We really hope you find these new features useful and relevant and would like to know what you think about them. Please feel free to leave your comments on this blog.

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