So, a number of customers have been asking us….

Why can’t I get access to the Management Tools on my shiny new fangled tablet – mainly due to variances in browsers, their support of JavaScript and SVG for chart rendering, and because some are really picky about correctly encoding ampersands!

So we spent some time with various emulators and various tablets analysing why they were failing – and I am pleased to say we now support access on iPad, Android and Playbooks…

Management Tools iOS


Playbook Management Tools

Works on Playbook too

But I am sure we will have missed something, so please give it a go, and let us know how it works out for you!

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2 Responses to U NO WORK ON IPAD! – O RLY?

  1. Great news!

    Any chance we can have iPhone / iPad favico added to the HTML so when I bookmark bango.com on my home page you present a nice icon?

  2. Glenn Walker says:

    Good idea – try it now.

    We’ve just added support for Home Screen bookmark icons for iPhone with Retina / iPad 2, iPad (original), iPhone 3 and below, as well as Android…

    Next on the list is to take a look at Windows Phone 7 and pinning to start, although Google have done it, it is not as simple as uploading a suitable icon / image file – http://www.russellbeattie.com/blog/creating-a-pinnable-windows-phone-7-tile-for-your-website-like-google

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