Updates to WebServices

For those of you who make use of the Web Services provided by Bango, from everything from finding out information about your users, to extracting your Analytics data, to managing payments from within your Apps, we thought you’d be interested in the recent updates we have made to our APIs.

For Analytics customers, we have just released version 3.0 of the Analytics Web Service – this adds the ability to extract event level data for both Web Analytics, and the recently added App Analytics data.

This includes data points for Events, Errors & Sessions, as well as detailed data about Video Events (mirroring those export reports available through the Management Tools).

We recommend all customers currently using the previous version upgrade to this latest version as soon as possible – more details on the API and changes are available on our Knowledge Base at http://bango.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1511/

For our Payment customers, the Direct Billing APIs have now been updated to the latest stable version, currently version 3.1.

This release adds a wealth of features and functionality to the capabilities of Direct Billing including the ability to override pricing at runtime using the DoPaymentWithPrice methods, as well as exposing the newest feature with DoRefund, allowing you to manage refunds of purchases for user’s back to their Bango Balance and (where supported by carriers) even back to the user’s carrier bill.

There have also been numerous features added at customers’ request, such as UAT test cases being built into the method calls directly, to improvements in security with client certificate authorisation support.

This version also supports the greatest number of carriers, and is the required platform going forward as we add more features to the API. Please ensure you look to upgrade to this version by checking out the API documentation at http://bango.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1547

We also have other Web Services available for use:

The User Information APIs allow real-time querying of info about a user, such as their detected carrier connection, their preferred currency, and whether they have a registered email address or mobile phone number for support or marketing purposes.

The Billing Information APIs allow access to the BillRank™ system, ensuring you have visibility of how we drive the best and highest converting payment methods, as well as currency rates and conversion methods to ensure you display the correct prices for your users.

And finally, the Subscriptions API allows full management of subscription based services, from instantiating new subscriptions for your users, to managing subscription processes for integration into your own customer care tools.

To get started with these services, check out the Web Service APIs section under the Setup and Config tab within the Management Tools…

To ensure we are able to deliver all of these services to you, from time to time it may be necessary to deprecate older versions of existing services; we’ll be letting customers know with plenty of notice to ensure their transition to the latest versions are as easy as possible. 

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