December Analytics Release

With the upcoming final Analytics release of 2011, we thought we’d let you know some of the features which are contained in it!

Our key feature is the addition of New and Return visitor metrics –

New & Return Visitor metrics

This report allows you to view new visitors to your site for the reporting period, as well as comparison between returning visitors to analyze traffic and loyalty of your site visitors.

Talking of loyalty, we have re-organised some of the menu structures and added more reports to better match the Definitions as defined by the Web Analytics Association.

As well as adding the new Repeat Users report, there are new reports for Visits per visitor, Page views per visit, and Page views per visitor which allows you to better analyze both visitor characterization and visitor engagement on your site.

Analysing visitor loyalty

Visitor Activity - Visits per visitor

We have also included enhancements to the SitePath analysis tool, and we will also be releasing a new Funnel Analysis tool, allowing you to explicitly set the journey for users through your site and analyze data points as they traverse the funnel (or not!)

Finally, we’ll be adding further filtering options to the App Analytics reports, including the ability to now filter by Application Type, Application Channel, Genre and Sub-Genre, SDK Version, as well as detailed filtering for Error Events.

We are also squeezing in an enhancement to the “auto-load reports” options, which you will have seen from previous releases. Now, you will be able to both select a date range and a saved filter to be applied before running your report, meaning you’ll get to the data you really want to be analyzing much faster.

We have a lot more features pencilled in for the New Year, so make sure you check back here often.

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2 Responses to December Analytics Release

  1. larrylarmor says:

    Very nice – a bumper release for Xmas.
    Thanks Santa Bango!

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