Clearer device information using ‘Derived devices’ in reports and filters

We have created a new way to see your customers device information in reports and filters. So, not only do we show you what devices your customers were using to navigate your site, but we also now show the derived information for that device.

What is derived device information?
The device information that we show from in the ‘Devices’ and ‘Device makes’ reports is the information that we can ascertain from the device itself. However, the derived information is the marketing/advertised name for that device, or family of devices that the device belongs to.

An example of this would be the device in the ‘Devices’ report may show a ‘RIM BlackBerry 9700’. However, this device would show in the ‘Derived devices’ as a ‘RIM BlackBerry Bold’.

How does this affect my reports?
We started reporting the derived information this week. We have implemented it this way so that our customers stay in control of the reports that they want to see. We are offering this as an option rather than changing the reports that you are used to. If you only want the ‘Devices’ or ‘Device makes’ information, then you will not notice any difference. However if you would like to view your customer’s derived device information then you can view this via the new reports ‘Derived devices’ and ‘Derived makes’, in the ‘Web analytics’ tab.

Please see the list of devices below with the number of visits:

  • HTC EVO 4G with 20 visits
  • HTC PC36100 with18 visits
  • Sprint EVO 4G with15 visits
  • Sprint APA9292KT with 5 visits

The above 4 examples are all the HTC EVO 4G, However using the device report, this is not obvious as these may be spread out amongst other devices. These devices have different information based on who marketed or sold the device eg. The device information for a ‘HTC EVO 4G’ from Sprint may state that it is a ‘Sprint APA9292KT’ or ‘Sprint EVO 4G’. While the same device sold on a different network may identify itself as a ‘HTC PC36100’ or a ‘HTC EVO 4G’.

The derived report for the four devices would show the one line below:

  • HTC EVO 4G with 58 visits

The screenshot below illustrates what the ‘Devices’ report looks like:

Device Report

The screenshot below illustrates what the ‘Derived devices’ report looks like:

Derived Device Report

If you compare the screenshot “Devices” report with the screenshot for the ‘Derived devices’ report, you will see that

  • The derived device information displays the families of devices like ‘RIM BlackBerry Bold’, ‘RIM BlackBerry Curve’ and ‘Motorola RAZR’ are displayed as together instead of as their individual devices.
  • Devices that are identified with a ‘techie’ name like Sprint APA7373KT or HTC A6277 are shown as their marketing name, like HTC EVO Shift 4G and HTC Hero.
  • The visits, page views etc for the derived information above are calculated to include all of the visits with that derived make and model, even if they have a different device make and model. For example ‘RIM BlackBerry Bold’ display the visits, page views etc for all the devices that we identify as being in the RIM BlackBerry Bold’ family be it ‘RIM BlackBerry 9700’, ‘RIM BlackBerry 9000 or any other.

What about filters?
Not only can you view the derived information in your reports, but we have also added this functionality to the filters. Please see the screenshot below of the filters for Devices information and the filter for Derived device information. This will enable you to filter on just the BlackBerry Bold, or the Motorola RAZR family of devices.

Device And Derived Filters

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