What happened to my report?

If you’ve logged into the Management Tools today, you may have noticed our most recent feature – the ability to disable the automatic loading of reports, which we’ve switched on for everyone by default.

Previously, using the Analytics pages could be slow, as we’d fire off an AJAX request for each report as soon as the page was loaded and because we allow you to report on the actual recorded data (and not ‘pre-canned’ data) it could take time for a report to be returned.

We realised that most people actually wanted to set a date range before loading a report, especially when their site or app receives a large amount of traffic or events.

Now, when you access a report, you’ll automatically see the date range picker. This will allow you to set a date range and the report will be loaded when you apply the date range. Of course, if you’d prefer to automatically load reports when the page loads, just hop over to the settings page and change the setting (either for yourself, or for everyone in your package if you are an administrator for your package).

This is only stage one, we are working to allow you to set filters before loading the report – look out for this soon.

As always – we’d love to hear your feedback.  Leave us a comment!

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