New Analytics feature – email reports

If you regularly log into to run the same report every day, week or month here’s some good news – you no longer have to!

We’ve just released a new Analytics feature – email reports.

Just go to the report you want to schedule for email delivery and click the ‘Email report’ button, you’ll find it next to the usual export buttons (if you don’t see it there try clearing your browser cache).

You’ll then be taken to the setup page where you can configure your report and select the package users you want to receive the emails.

Then hit ‘Activate’ and that’s it! You’ll automatically receive your report straight to your inbox at your specified time.

You can set up as many email reports as you like, including multiple versions of the same report, maybe with a different filter applied to send to different people, and you can edit, pause and restart them whenever you like. Just click on the ‘Configure email reports’ link found in the left hand menu of any Analytics page to revisit the setup page.

Further instructions can be found in our knowledgebase and as always we’d love to know what you think so please let us know using the comments below.

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1 Response to New Analytics feature – email reports

  1. larrylarmor says:

    Very very nice! Thanks

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