New time dimensions available on Bango Analytics reports

On analytics reports you now have some great new time dimensions that you can select. These offer new ways to view and analyse your data.  The new time dimensions are available on all multi-dimensional reports in Analytics and App Analytics and can be combined with any other dimension.

New time dimensions for the analytics reports

Time dimensions

15 minutes – groups your data by 15 minute intervals, very useful for precise analysis e.g. identifying exactly when you received a spike of traffic to your site.

Hour – groups your data by hour, this is one of the original time dimensions but now you can choose to view any reporting period by hour.

Day – groups your data by day, this is one of the original time dimensions.

Week – groups your data by week, can be more useful for analysing data over larger date ranges (you can change your week start day in your analytics settings).

Month – groups your data by month, great for getting month on month totals for a longer reporting period.

Best hour – groups your data by hour exclusive of day, so if you select a week in your date range you can discover which your best hour is for that week.

Best day – groups your data by day name regardless of date, so if you select a few weeks in your date range you can find out which your best day is.

These new dimensions get even more useful when they are combined together.  E.g. combining best hour with best day lets you discover your best hour & day combination.  Perhaps Wednesday at 20:00 is when you’re busiest.  This information is really useful when planning time windows for updating your servers and scheduling downtime. There are many more useful combinations for the time and other dimensions, please share any you have found useful in the comments below.

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