Direct Billing 3.0 launching today!

Today sees the release of Direct Billing 3.0, adding real-time pricing control and refactoring some of the API based on vendor feedback.

As well as supporting real-time price overrides (new DoPaymentWithPrice method) much like our Relay API, Direct Billing 3.0 also now lets you filter payment methods in real-time by type.  If you want to request a payment using only on-bill payment, you can.  Or if you only want credit card, just specify “CARD” in your call to the API.  To limit to either on-bill or credit card, specify “OPERATOR” and “CARD”.  Very simple to do and all without ahead-of-time configuration needed.

Processing credit card payments has been simplified in Direct Billing 3.0.  The same DoPayment method is used for all payments, regardless of how payment is collected.  When processing a first-time card payment for a user, your application or PC web site can collect card details and call ValidateCardForUser.  Once we’ve validated a card, you can just call DoPayment as normal.

Direct Billing 3.0 also helps you manage timed access (e.g. pay for 1 week’s access or pay for 10 accesses in one bundle) without needing to track remaining usage or expiration times in your client.

You can download the Direct Billing 3.0 integration guide here.

Next week we’re also launching a new Web Service – Billing Information 1.0.  This API lets you run BillRank in real-time to see not only which payment methods are available, but also which ones aren’t and why.  You can query which price points are supported by each payment method in real-time for truly dynamic pricing.  Used in connection with the Direct Billing 3.0 price override functionality, you’ve got some real flexibility.

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