New touchscreen and branding options coming soon!

Next week will see a major update to the Bango-hosted payment flow branding and display capabilities. Devices with larger screens will be given large, touchscreen friendly buttons instead of small hyperlinks. You’ll be able to configure these and a host of other new branding options however you want.

Touchscreen buttons and branded footer

Touchscreen buttons and branded footer on Bango-hosted payment page

You will have control over:

  1. Font family – the default font used is sans-serif, but you’ll have the option to enter your choice of font family to suit your site.
  2. Header – options for title background color and padding, plus logo background image with repeat/tiling options.
  3. Color of pay and cancel buttons – you’ll be able to choose the different colors for primary payment method, secondary payment methods and cancel buttons, all complete with solid color or dual color gradient fill options plus border and text color options.
  4. Shape of payment buttons – to help our pages match your site even more you’ll have the option of square, half-rounded and fully rounded buttons.
  5. HTML page footer – you’ll be able to inject raw HTML (or plain text) into the page footer allowing flexibility to add search boxes and custom navigation all in the exact style of your site.

All of these customizable options mean that your customers can benefit from a much more consistent experience across your site and any Bango-hosted pages.

If you have an suggestions or questions about the new branding options please use the comments below to get in touch.

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1 Response to New touchscreen and branding options coming soon!

  1. KALU OGBA says:


    Can I use bango on my sites in such a way that users will not see the bango brand?

    I’m wondering if this is an included feature in the upcoming branding feature.

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