Site path analysis and User behaviour visualisation

I thought I would share a couple of new reporting concepts we’ve been working on: Site path analysis and User behaviour visualisation.

These new reporting concepts are still in the development stages and we don’t have a firm ETA yet – but I thought it would be fun to take a look. The data behind both of these concepts is already available – they both work from the web / app analytics data we already collect. But they both offer a new insight into how the data fits together.

This marks a bit of a departure from the “normal” reports we make available within the management tools, in that they offer an opportunity to interact with the data, as opposed to use view / filter / export. The site path analysis tool allows you to investigate the paths users of your mobile site have taken, while the user behaviour visualisation report allows you to see, on a timeline, the events a user of your app has posted.

Site path analysis

Site path analysis

User behaviour visualisation

User behaviour visualisation

We’d love to hear your thoughts, in the comments, on this new direction in reporting? Are they useful? Would you like to see more reporting along these lines?

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