App export reports & new filters

For February we have just released several new app export reports and some very useful filter options. This work is part of the regular Bango Analytics release cycle and we plan to keep you informed of future releases and development through this blog.

New App Export Reports

Export reports offer the best level of granularity when looking at your data. They are essentially a ‘raw’ data view, nothing is left out, and as such can offer deep insight into your user’s behaviour. We have added three detailed video export reports; one for live video, one for on demand video and one for all video. Each of these reports shows video plays on a row by row basis, displaying title, start time, stop time, and duration as well as full details of device, operating system and any tracking parameters.

Even more filters!

With filters you can create custom segments for your data allowing you to focus analysis directly on those users / markets you are most interested in. Want to check the browsing habits of your BlackBerry users from the US? With filters this can easily be achieved by making a few simple selections in the filter panel. We’ve added four more filter options to improve the opportunities that the filters provide:

  • Application version – Within app analytics you can now filter by app version, this makes it easier to compare how different versions of your apps are performing.
  • Author – Author information can be passed as a tracking parameter for any Bango Analytics integration and is now available as a filter option.
  • OS version – Segment your data by OS version to compare the behaviour of visitors on different versions, this is extremely useful for multi-version mobile OS whose functionality can vary widely from one version to another.
  • All connections – Available from the analytics and payments reports you can choose to filter by named WiFi connections as well as standard operator connections.

Bonus features

We like to pack in as many features as we can into each Bango Analytics update and this one is no exception! For the app analytics reports we have added a dimension of application version to all reports. This gives you the ability to easily compare different versions of your apps within any report; for example, you might want to see which device makes the different versions of your apps are installed on:

  1. Choose the metric you are most interested in e.g. device makes
  2. Go to the report for that metric
  3. From the ‘Select parameter’ menu on the data table choose ‘App version’ to add the extra dimension to the data.
Device makes by app version

Device makes by app version

As always, please let us know what you think of the new features in the comments below.

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