Filters faster with on-demand loading

In the Jan 2011 Bango Analytics release we’ve included another improvement to the report filters. Building on the previous work to improve the speed of filters, the filters now load “on demand”.

Filters loading sequentiallyPreviously when loading a report the filter options would also load via AJAX for each of the filters (currently 40 – with more on the way). For high trafficked sites this could take a long time. While, thanks to the AJAX loading, it didn’t affect the report loading time, it did make the whole experience feel sluggish.

Now the filter options will only load when a filter option group is selected (by dragging and dropping a filter option on the filter area). This means the reports and filters are snappier and filters are available quicker, and you don’t download the options you are not interested in. Clearly all saved filters still work as expected.

As always, all feedback is most welcome.

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