Networks and connections – get the complete picture

Bango’s connection details reports give you the most complete picture of how visitors are connecting to your site and which operator networks they are using. Uniquely, you can not only see which networks your visitors are connecting with but also their subscribed mobile operator network.

Mobile operators report

The mobile operators report shows the different mobile operators visitors to your site are subscribed to, regardless of how they connected to your site. A % WiFi column is included to show you what volume of traffic from each operator is connecting via a connection other than the operator gateway.

Current connections report

Current connections shows how visitors have connected to your site. This includes connections via MNO, MVNO and Internet / WiFi gateways. There is an option on the report to merge all WiFi connections into a single entry on the report; this is useful if your focus is mainly on MNO or MVNO connections.

Operator connections report

Operator connections shows which mobile operator gateways visitors have used to connect to your site. No WiFi connections are included on this report.

WiFi connections report

WiFi connections shows which Internet / WiFi gateways visitors have used to connect to your site. No mobile operator connections are included in this report.

Connection types report

Connection types gives you the distribution of connections to your site via MNO, MVNO and WiFi gateway.

Using these connection reports you can gather useful insight into the habits and behaviour of visitors on all mobile networks and across all connections.

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