Charts & Graphs – the pretty view of Analytics

We’ve been working hard on Analytics over the last year; we’ve seen massive improvements in our reporting capabilities and speed, we introduced a number of new reports such as browser and operating systems, the filtering functions have been extended to allow you to really deep dive your data; and just at the end of September we launched our Application Analytics.

But for all our success, we don’t get any downtime – which leads me onto our next upcoming release.

Along with our continuing report improvements (we’re adding seperate reporting for the user’s current connection, and giving you the ability to analyse by MNO/MVNO and WiFi traffic) we are introducing a new charting component.

Previously, we have used a highly customised Flash chart, which looked nice but didn’t offer us the flexibility we needed, especially with the myriad of data points and series we allow you to work with in Analytics. So, with this release, we have changed to HighCharts ( – this allows us to offer better graphs – line charts, bar charts, pie charts!

You can also graph multiple series on these charts, so you can quickly analyse your page views, visits and unique visitor counts all from the same graph. We even export the graph into Excel, so you can prepare your monthly reports for Management with a few clicks of a button!!

Going forward, we’ll be exploring more features with the charts, things like offering you the ability to change the default chart type for your data, zooming of date axes, exporting of the graphs only, native export to PowerPoint and more…

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