Bango Network IDs or MCC/MNC

Whenever one of your customers interacts with the Bango service, we let you know the mobile network they are connected via.  A Bango “Network ID” gives an easily understandable alphanumeric reference to every network, so you can recognise your visitors as from GBR_ORANGE or USA_SPRINT etc.

Bango APIs accept Network IDs as inputs and provide them to you as outputs, giving you a simple, consistent way of supporting any mobile operator globally.

But you may be familiar with the Mobile Network Code (MNC) scheme which can used in conjunction with Mobile Country Codes (MCC) to uniquely identify a mobile phone operator/carrier and some satellite mobile networks.

Very soon, wherever a Bango API asks you to pass us a Bango Network ID, you will be able to instead pass us a pair of Mobile Country Code and Mobile Network Code values – simply pass us a network ID made up of the MCC followed by the MNC.

So to identify Vodafone UK by the MCC code 234 and MNC code 15, you can pass the value “23415” to any of our APIs as a network ID.

See for more info on Mobile Network Codes (MNC).

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