Bango Application Analytics now available

We’ve just launched a major extension to the Bango Analytics product; Bango Application Analytics. You can now track and measure user activity across mobile campaigns, websites and applications across all mobile platforms, all from the Bango Management Tools.

Integrating with Bango Application Analytics

To set up Bango Application Analytics in an app you need to first get an application ID. There is a simple form to complete in the Management Tools; in the Manage section click on ‘Analytics set-up’ in the menu on the left, then click ‘App analytics’.

All you need to do is give your app a title, this will be used in reporting, and, optionally, choose a category for your app. Once you’ve done this we will provide you with an ID for your app and you can choose an SDK to download.

Bango Application Analytics SDKs

At launch we are providing SDKs for Android, BlackBerry and Applie iOS, more platforms will be available soon including Windows Phone 7. The SDKs are all open source so can be extended and added to if you require more functionality. If you want to take a look at the SDKs they are available here:

Please note: the SDKs cannot be integrated into an app without an application ID, you can sign up for a free analytics trial if you want to integrate and test an SDK.

If you want to do a customised integration for application analytics rather than using one of the SDKs please refer to the Bango Application Analytics Direct Integration Guide.

Bango Application Analytics Reports

We’ve added over 50 new reports into the Bango Management Toools for Bango Application analytics. They have been chosen to provide you with detailed insight into your users and how they are engaging with your app:

  • Session information including length of session
  • Device and connection details
  • Standard and customisable event reporting e.g. app launch, app close, video play
  • Comprehensive error logging for testing and debugging
  • Full data export for all events and errors

We’re really pleased with how comprehensive the Bango Application Analytics solution is. If you’ve had a look at it or have any other queries feel free to comment below.

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