Real-time user identity information from page tracking

We’ve extended our popular Page Tracking service so you can keep the benefits of putting an invisible 1-pixel tracking image on your page, but also get real-time user identity information passed back to your web server – the same information passed back to you via the Bango Identifier service.

How Bango Identifier and Page Tracking differ

Bango Identifier
Requires the user leaves your site briefly, is redirected to Bango and immediately and silently redirected back to your site.  Provides you with real-time identity information.
Page Tracking
An invisible image loaded as part of your page.  You keep the user on your site, but no real-time identity information is passed back to you – just an image back to the client browser.
We have an increasing number of mobile sites who prefer to keep the user on their site at all times, but still want real-time identity information.  Our unique relationships with an increasing number of mobile operators globally mean the operators share user identity information with Bango web servers, so there’s no opportunity for you to get this information and pass it to Bango in a server-to-server call.  The user must interact directly with the Bango web servers for us to be able to read their identity.

Getting real-time user information from Page Tracking

We’ve added the option to enable near real-time Event Notification for page tracking images.  Once enabled, when a page tracking image URL is retrieved from our web servers, we let your servers know via a new PAGETRACKING event type.  The event data we send you includes all the output parameters normally sent to you via Link Tracking.  So you can track the context for each PAGETRACKING event, it’s now possible to add a Bango Relay-style “p” parameter to a page tracking image URL – we will pass this “p” parameter to your server in the Event Notification data.
Typically, you can expect events to hit your server within 5-10 seconds.  If you need the identity data in real-time, use Bango Identifier.  If a small delay is an acceptable price for keeping the user on your site, use Page Tracking with Event Notification enabled.

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