Shorter campaign parameters

The Bango campaign parameters are a great way to pass and record extra information with Bango analytics or payment events. Whenever you have additional, relevant information about your visitors, the campaigns they are interacting with or the pages they are navigating, simply pass it via campaign parameters.

The problem with ad networks

There are upwards of 25 campaign parameters available to use with Bango which gives you the opportunity to pass a lot of detailed information. However, in the case of Bango tracking links, this can lead to URLs becoming quite long. Some ad networks will only allow you to use URLs which are a maximum of 255 characters long which can be a challenge if you are using a lot of campaign parameters.

A simple solution

To help keep URL lengths to a minimum we have introduced short versions for all Bango campaign parameters. In most cases this reduces the parameter name to a length of 3 characters saving you a lot of space in your URLs. So, for example, instead of passing bgo_campaign=MyCampaign you can now pass b_c=MyCampaign.

Any campaign parameter information you pass can then be viewed in your analytics reports. They are most powerful when used in your report filters to segment and analyse your data to a very fine level of granularity.

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