US Operator Approval process

In order to sell content or services via on bill payments in the US you’ll need your service to be certified by each operator.

Bango have always provided assistance in achieving US operator certification, but in the past this process required the completing and fax of paper forms, followed by emails and telephone calls to check on the status of a certification application.

Recently we’ve made significant improvements to the certification process and customer visibility of the certification process. These changes include:

  1. New certification “dashboard”
  2. An online version of the certification application form
  3. Email alerts when an application status changes
  4. The ability to test your application

New certification dashboard

US Operator approval dashboard

We’ve created a new certification “dashboard”, which is accessed via clicking on “Manage” then “US Operator Approvals” in the Bango Management Tools.

From here you can see an “at a glance” snapshot of the status of certification application in progress, and start a new one.

Clicking on the links will take you to the new online application form – no more printing / completing / faxing! As your application progresses you’ll receive personalised email alerts.

Testing your application

US Operator approval process - testing your payment flow

A big improvement in this release is the ability to test your payment flows before launch.  Once you’ve started your application and added your payment links to your service, you’ll be able to test the entire payment flow as if you were a real customer (you will see a notice on the payment pages informing you that your in test mode and during testing you won’t be able to claim any revenue collected).

We hope this will make the process easier.  Should you have any suggestions on how we can improve please let us know.

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