Add an extra dimension to your report data

By operator AND by deviceTraditionally tables of analytic data are displayed by a single dimension with several columns of metrics or counts. For example your operators report will list all operators (dimension) that have sent you traffic plus data for numbers of unique visitors, visits, page views (metrics) etc.

New functionality in the Bango Management Tools will now allow certain reports to be viewed by two dimensions, why not check out your operator report displayed by operator AND device?

In Bango Analytics you can get a finer level of detail by applying filters to your report data; you can choose to only see BlackBerry devices from US Operators. This will give you a good picture across each US operator of the data produced by BlackBerry devices but doesn’t provide device specific detail.

You can now add a second dimension in the Bango Analytics Countries and Operators reports to give an even higher level of granularity to your data. Simply choose a second dimension from the select menu and the report will be updated. All sorting, filtering and exporting of the reports works as before.

We’re planning to include the option to add a second dimension to more reports in the coming months. Which of the Bango Analytics and Payment reports would you like to have this functionality in?

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