Set a default report date

By default when you open a report, the report date is set to the previous day.  This is great if you want a quick snap shot on how your site is performing.

You change the date, using the control at the top right of every report, and you selected dates will persist for your session. 

But what if you wanted to see all your data two set dates, or from a certain date until today, every time you login?

We’ve recently added a facility to just that. Open the calendar control by clicking the “change” link, and set your start date and then set your end date.  If you’d like to see data from a certain date to today, set your end date to the current date.  Once you’re done click the “Set these dates as your default” link.

Set default dates for all users

Also if your an admin user of your Bango package, you can save certain dates for all of your users.  Useful if, for example, you’d like all your sales people to see data during a campain.

To set for all of your users, click on the “Settings” link in left hand navigation and click on “configure for all users”.  At the bottom of this page you’ll see to calendar controls, change these and click the “Save settings for this package” button.

We hope you find this new useful – let us know, via the comments, if you have any questions or suggestions.

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  1. Brucecaf says:

    Хорошего дня.

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