Bango people: Dan Hale, Platform Operations Team Leader

dan people photoWith exciting career opportunities in the Bango Operations team, we spoke to Dan Hale, Platform Operations Team Leader about his progression from apprentice to team leader in just a few years.

What does a day in the life of a Platform Operations Team Leader entail?
Essentially, it’s making sure the team is working in the most efficient way possible, keeping them happy and being there as a mentor to ensure they develop the skills they need. Another big part is supporting the ticketing system, making sure things are working to desired standards and running smoothly, and effectively communicating updates with key customers. Continue reading

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Build in docker. Test with .NET Core. Report to TeamCity

Recently I decided it was time to add a couple of new TeamCity agents to the pool. More concurrent builds to speed up our continuous integration flows can only be a good thing for development, right?

Problem was the existing build agent was a mess of bashed together bits and pieces added in for new projects, to test out new ideas (that were promptly dropped), and never cleaned up as things were retired. As such, I made the brilliant decision to build these new build agents from scratch.

Two eons later I have finally setup all the SDKs, third-party tools, frameworks, features, add-ons, and configurations required to get all of our code building. I think there are 5 different versions of the .NET Framework being run simultaneously in our platform and there are some third-party tools where the words “backwards compatibility” are more of a nice day dream than a rule to live by. I keep promising myself I’ll clean it up but who has ever actually managed that?

Enough is enough. Having a zip folder containing 30 different installers, apps, etc. with one giant readme is all very well but I’d really rather never do it again. Enter docker, or more specifically “building in docker”.

The idea is simple: get a docker image that has the tooling required to build that project and that project only, copy the code over, run “docker build”, and pull out the artifacts once it’s done. Go one step further and turn those artifacts into a new docker image and then we can deploy that with, once again, only the tools we need. No more setting up everything under the sun just to speed up a few build chains. Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other word would smell as sweet;

So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call’d,
Retain that dear perfection which he owes”
– William Shakespeare

Recently I had the misfortune of needing to drag my sorry carcass to my bank. Upon arriving, and declaring my need for assistance, I was asked to wait and swatted into a corner. There, I did what everyone in possession of a smartphone and a long wait does, I flicked through various vacuous social media on my phone. The epitome of a millennial.

Finally, I was ushered into a room to discuss my woes. The resolution of which unfortunately involved activity I try to eschew as much as possible: the delight of form filling. There it was, the inevitable question: “What is your profession?Continue reading

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Software imitates life

I am always delighted when I meet a developer who calls programming art. I feel I have met a fellow soul. When I first learnt programming a few years ago, the fun of creation was quickly eclipsed by the delights of creating order and beauty out of chaos. One could not have imagined that organising the logic of indecipherable bits of text could be so fun (and I expect any non-programmer readers still cannot!). What was, however, most interesting was the observation that the same patterns one utilised in software to achieve this appeared in the real world. Complex systems naturally organised their constituent parts into grouping structures. The emergent property of this is the reduction of convoluted relationships that would otherwise propagate between components.

“Life imitates art” – Oscar Wilde

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Get to know Iain Cartledge – Couchbase Champion

Congratulations to Bango’s Software Architect, Iain Carteledge who was recently crowned a Couchbase Community Champion.

Read his interview in the latest ‘Get to know our Couchbase Community’ feature. Iain discusses his likes and dislikes around life, the universe and everything Couchbase!

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Bango People: An Afternoon with… Yomi Popoola

With a number of exciting career opportunities in the Bango Development team, I decided to sit down with VP Engineering Yomi Popoola to get the inside scoop on life at Bango. Continue reading

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CAS 2016 Agile Spain Conference

CAS 2016

Bango attended once again the annual Agile Spain conference that took place in the lovely city of Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Basque Country. Two days of great talks, keynotes and workshops discussing the Agile methodologies. And, just like in the last two years, we found it incredibly inspiring, creative and full of bright ideas to optimize and understand better how we can motivate and drive our teams.

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