Introducing Bango’s New Custom Dashboard

The Bango Development team has just completed work on the brand new Management Tools Custom Dashboard. This great new feature will allow you to view your analytics data like never before and is available now! Bango’s new dashboard gives you complete control of your data with fully customizable views and data reports. You still have the choice of viewing your dashboard in the current classic format, however if you’d like to give the new dashboard a try it couldn’t be easier. Simply click on the ‘Switch to the new Dashboard’ link on the upper left of the Management Tools Dashboard screen and you will be re-directed to the new dashboard, which is pre-loaded with a selection of reports to get you started.

Try the new dashboard

When your new Custom Dashboard loads, you will be presented with a selection of reports, ready for you to configure and edit according to your own preference. You can create up to 10 dashboards per package, with up to 10 report widgets on each.

web dashboard

Adding a new dashboard is easy, just click on the blue menu button to show the options menu. Ticking the ‘Shared’ box before selecting the dashboard type shares this dashboard with all users of the current package. From this menu, you can also delete a dashboard, or set any one as your default. Continue reading

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Over the last weeks and months, we’ve been redesigning and updating the site, and it’s nearly ready for launch.

Along with updates to the messaging, providing clarity around the Bango vision of a massively smooth payment experience, and more content about the core services and the Bango platform effect, we’ve also refreshed the entire underlying technology, utilizing latest frameworks and responsive design to give best experience regardless of the device you are using.  Continue reading

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Web Services – upgrade to the latest versions!

The development teams at Bango have been busy building and adding new WebService APIs to enhance how our customers leverage the power of the Bango platform.

Alongside a number of newly introduced services (such as Billing Information and Billing Configuration), we have released a number of major version upgrades to services such as Direct Billing, User Information and Analytics.

We always try to maintain as much support for older versions as possible, but if your not utilizing the latest versions, you are really missing out on great new features of our platform. There is also a bunch of new functionality in the latest versions, and often, this can’t be retro-fitted to previous versions.

Because of this, we will be ending our support and maintenance for previous versions, effective from 1st October 2013, and will be retiring older versions of the services by the end of the year.

We always make sure that the new versions are backwards compatible with previous versions, so the upgrade path is (hopefully) seamless – it is usually as easy as changing the end point and refreshing the WSDL!

We’ll send out more of a formal notification in due course, but in the meantime, I encourage you to check out our support site to get up to speed on the upgrades/new versions, and include the link below. You may not even have seen or considered the latest functionality to enhance your own product offering, so dive deep! If you have any questions, you can always drop us a line at

Check out for detail on the APIs available to you, and search for the following for details and documentation on the specific APIs;

Billing Information web service API –

Direct Billing web service API –

Billing Configuration web service API –

User Information web service API –

Bango Analytics web service API –

Bango Application Analytics –

Subscriptions –

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New Application Analytics SDK Releases

The Bango Development team has been busy adding new versions of some of our Application Analytics SDKs. We’ve recently released new and improved versions of our HTML5,  Android and iOS integrations. These, along with our other SDKs, allow you to integrate easily with Bango App Analytics on a wide range of mobile devices. We have used all the relevant new features available on every platform to provide you with comprehensive and unparalleled device and user information.

As well as enhancement of our existing SDKs, we’ve recently released our first Blackberry BB10 SDK, which is based on the Cascades API and allows you to integrate Bango Analytics easily into your new BB10 apps.

And don’t forget.. new mobile operating system releases mean new Bango Analytics SDKs.. which could be anything from iOS7 to the new Firefox OS.. so watch this space!

Follow this link to download our App Analytics SDKs.

Integrating with Bango Application Analytics

To set up Bango Application Analytics in an app you need to first get an application ID. There is a simple form to complete in the Management Tools; in the Setup and Config section click on ‘Analytics set-up’ in the menu on the left, then click ‘Application analytics’.

All you need to do is give your app a title, this will be used in reporting, and, optionally, choose a category for your app. Once you’ve done this we will provide you with an ID for your app and you can choose an SDK to download.

Please note: the SDKs cannot be integrated into an app without an application ID, you can sign up for a free analytics trial if you want to integrate and test an SDK.

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Bango Analytics Enhancements

We have enhanced the Bango Analytics report pages to provide you with a more user-friendly and intuitive interface. Here’s a list of the highlights:

  • New streamlined toolbar

The main toolbar has been re-designed to offer a less cluttered and streamlined interface. All filter and export options can now be accessed via the new controls shown below:

Filter Options:

Filter Options

Export/Email Options:


When a report has a filter applied, the filter icon will change colour:


Applied filter details can also be viewed via this drop down control:


Continue reading

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New Analytics and Payment Email Report Features

We have updated the email reports system to bring you several enhancements and new features.

Enhanced report configuration
More setup options have been added to give you:

  • The ability to apply saved filters. Applying more than one filter will generate multiple reports with each filter applied separately.
  • The ability to specify the reporting period independently of how often the report is sent.
  • Greater flexibility on sending times. For example: send the report at 9am on the second Monday of each month for 3 months. You can even set your start date in the past and receive historical reports.


Reports on demand
Each report config section now includes an ‘Email me now’ button that allows you to select a date range and generate a report straight away.

Group reports
The new Group reports feature enables you to separately configure and group several of your individual reports together in one bulk email.

To set this up you’ll first need to set up some standard email reports, you can leave these individual ones paused if you only want to receive them in the group report.

When you’ve set up your standard reports click the ‘Group reports’ tab at the top of the page then click the ‘Add group report’ button. You can then set up the configuration for your grouped reports and choose which of your individual saved reports you want to be included.

We hope you find these new features useful. Please send us any feedback you may have.

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User Information Web Service v2.0

We’ve recently launched version 2.0 of our User Information Web Service API’s.

This release now includes support for MT authentication; previously Bango had supported authentication by use of MO (text a word to a shortcode), but this release builds on that functionality, and adds a lot more to enable seamless authentication flows, regardless of the device, and even if on a non-mobile network connected device (think PC billing!)

As well as our patented word based authentication, we have now added support for a variety of other ways to authenticate your user; be it via a numeric PIN code, a CODE word, or a natural language word. With this in mind, you can also now pass a language-culture parameter, so that a word of “DOG” returned for en-US would be localized to “HUND” for de-DE.

We’re also building support for network discovery from MNC/MCC and IMSI identifiers where available on the device – at the moment this is a work in progress as we’re still mapping these to our internal Bango Network IDs. This is especially useful for In-App Payments, as it allows an up-front discovery check to be made before launching into authentication and payment flows, straight from the handset.

For more info, please go and read the API documentation in our newly launched KnowledgeBase.

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